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With the continuous progress of computer and network technologies, the productivity has reached a new level. The birth of Linux has further triggered a revolution of open source and freedom. Today, Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. (Red Flag Software), the largest and most rapidly developed Linux vendor in China, is emerging as part of the leading force of this revolution. By providing high quality Linux related products and services, Red Flag Software brings a new computing experience to customers, helps enterprise to stay ahead of the competition, and transforms the Linux technologies and the spirit of open source into the business value of customers.

Since its founding on June 2000, Red Flag Software is growing rapidly and firmly to be the largest Linux company in China with more than 150 employees. Under headquarter located in Beijing, there are two subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and well-established sales channels and service networks are deployed nationwide. The product line includes high-end Linux server OS, cluster system, desktop OS, embedded system, technical support services and trainings. Red Flag Linux has been adopted by plenty of industries, including government, China post, education, telecommunication, finance, insurance, transport, power, logistics, media, manufacture, etc.

Initiated by Red Flag Software, Asianux was released in 2004 as the enterprise operating system co-developed by three leading Asia Linux OS vendors Red Flag Software Co., Ltd., Japan ese MIRACLE LINUX Co rp. , and Korea n Haansoft Inc . Based on the leading technology of Asianux, Red Flag Software keeps on making more innovations, and brings the stability, security and usability of Linux to the new level. Through Red Flag Linux, more customers are benefiting from the open system. In the mean time, through the Asianux platform, Red Flag Software is contributing more and more advanced technologies to the open source community and software industries in China.

The promising business of Linux service stimulates the whole Linux market, the standardization and proven value of service is accelerating the healthy development of Linux industry. Red Flag Software understands the demands of customers in China, and provides them with localized and client-oriented supporting service and training. With its the largest Linux technical support center in Asia, the nationwide training network, as well as the most experienced and professional engineer team, Red Flag Software provides the top level service to the customers of various industries. Furthermore, through its training system, Red Flag Software has educated thousands of certificated engineers and product application specialist through its training system, who are actively working on front-line of Linux adoption, and driving the further development of Linux industry.

The strong relationship with the partners is one of the key factors to the success of Red Flag Software, which closely works together with partners such as Bakbone, BEA, CA, DELL, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Oracle, SAP, Sybase, Symantec, Dawning, Founder, LangChao, Lenovo, PowerLeader, TCL, etc. Red Flag Software collaborates with the partners in numerous projects to add business values to the customers through the advanced Linux technology and professional services. At the same time, to assist the endeavor of promoting software industry development by Chinese government, Red Flag Software is actively participating many government strategic projects, including the national standards development, productionization of academic result, Electronics Development Fund, National Strategic Software Project, National High Technology 863 Projects.

Red Flag Software is growing solidly, it not only reaches the goal of rapidly increasing revenue and making profit, but realizes the value of Linux industry jointly with customers, including China Post, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Foreign Exchange Management Bureau, Custom General Office, China Tobacco, Digital Library project of universities, Public Security and China Banking Regulatory Commission, National Development and Reform Commission. These success stories clearly indicate Linux OS is competent for enterprise key business, and validate the business model of Red Flag Software: Bring highly stable, secure and easy-to-use products to the customers, develop business potential with services, and help customers to realize more enterprise value.

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