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—2008.12, the 2nd Red Flag Cup OSS Competition came to the end. Many universities and teachers were awarded for their contribution to the promotion of OSS.

—2008.9, Microsoft's Tomato Garden piracy was broadcasted by CCTV who shows its anti-piracy attitude, and appeals to people for using domestic Red Flag Linux, as well as introducing Red Flag’s development and its products.

 —2008, 7 RedFlag joined the twelve software Product Fair to showcase its products like serveríódesktop and Midinux.



—Red Flag Delivered Asianux Server 3.0 which is the coordination result of three nations.

—2007.5, "Midinux", the first Linux operating system in the world for MID/UMPC, was jointly launched by Red Flag Company and Intel Corporation.



—2006.9, Red Flag Company and Oracle co-founded Database Migration Support Center.

—2006.8, Red Flag Company participated in the LinuxWorld, expanding its influence in international Linux industry.



—2005.8, Red Flag Company successfully held the Conference of Red Flag World, meanwhile, a series of products of server 5 were released.

—2005.2, Harvard Business School put the successful development history of Red Flag Company into its global teaching case.



—2004.10, Red Flag unveiled Red Flag Desktop 4.1 which was well received by the customers.

—2004.7, the Red Flag Linux Server was released which was based on Asianux 1.0.



—2003.9, Red Flag Linux Desktop won "China Computer Eduation"'s2003 Best OEM Software" in the category of "Linux Operating System".

—2003.8, Red Flag and HP form strategic alliance to promote the adoption of Linux, Red Flag thus become one of the most valuable Linuxpartners of HP in China. Red Flag will work with HP on product quality control, market sales, applications research, management training and applications support services.The cooperative effort will be targeted at the China market at first and will be later expanded to Asia-Pacific, then worldwide.

—2003.7, Red Flag released brand-new Red Flag Linux 4 Series to meet enterprise customers' demands for e-business. Plus, the 4 series are fully supported by many leading international IT vendors such as Intel, Oracle, HP, and IBM, which indicates the worldwide adoption of Red Flag Linux as basic software platform.

—2003.6, Red Flag Linux passed certification of Intel, and becomes the supporting vendor of Intel Itanium 2 series. Red Flag Linux is also the sole Linux vendor in China that passed Intel certification for Hyper Threading technology.

—2003.5, Oracle China and Red Flag Linux announced strategic alliance, and jointly provide world leading enterprise level Linux solutions for China market. The Red Flag DC Server 4.0, which is developed cooperatively, is also released.

—2003.3, In the "20 Years Of Trust" event to celebrate the 20th anniversory of China Computer User Association, Red Flag Linux is awarded the "Most Trusted Brand Of Operating System" in the "Survey Of User Most Trusted IT Brands For The Passed 20 Years".



—2002.12 The company won the tender invited by the State Post Bureau to provide operation system for central post offices in order to form an integrated postal network. The company also won some other tenders from the governmental, financial and educational bodies in this year. Therefore, the year of 2002 was called Application Year of Red Flag Linux.

—2002.11 The company started the Rainbow Program to form a perfect domestic service system and receive the upcoming Linux Service Year of 2003.

—2002.10 The company provided assistance for the Western Development Project. It signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Productive Forces Promotion Center of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to build up a demonstration center for the application of Red Flag Linux operation system.

—2002.8 The company won the tender invited by the State Economic and Trade Commission for the informatization of key enterprises.

—2002.3 The company put forward the Red Flag Linux Version 3.0, a symbol product with great applicability.

—2002.2 The company won the tender to provide electronic system for the government of Nanhai City, Guangdong Province.



—2001.12 Redflag Linux won the public bidding of operating system products in the government contract for licensed software

—2001.12 Redflag Enterprise Server 3 family rolled out, marking Redflag's entry into the enterprise server2003.3, In the "20 Years Of Trust" event to celebrate the 20th anniversory of China Computer User Association, Red Flag Linux is awarded the "Most Trusted Brand Of Operating System" in the "Survey Of User Most Trusted IT Brands For The Passed 20 Years".



—2000.10.18 Redflag Linux Server 2.0 in simplified Chinese, complex Chinese and English simultaneously available in Hong Kong and Mainland, which, as Redflag's first high-performance release for enterprise application, may help enterprises to deploy powerful network applications

—2000.10 Rollout of a spectrum of Redflag Linux embedded solutions including STB, PDA and thin client

—2000.09 Ministry of Education voted Redflag Linux as the reference template of NIT's Linux module

—2000.09 Release of IBM S/390-based Redflag Linux Operating System

—2000.09.05 Rollout of new Redflag Linux website, creating a brand new service platform for users

—2000.08.04 Commercial release of Redflag Linux Desktop 2.0, which was first preconfigured in TCL's offerings

—2000.07 Redflag Linux reached an agreement with Hong Kong-based Sunwah Group on establishing training/technical support/sales centers in Southeast Asia, symbolizing startup of Redflag Linux' global presence initiative.

—2000.06 Redflag Linux voted by China Software Association as an innovative product.

—2000.06.06 CAS Redflag Software Technologies Co., Ltd incorporated, injecting new vigor and power into Redflag Linux.

—2000.04 Full range of Redflag Linux solutions showcased on Comdex, triggering unexpected applause from visitors.

—2000.04.27 Formation of Linux Technical Support Center together with Intel and China Software Association.

—2000.03.28 Launch of Redflag Linux ISV program together with Compaq, driving more application developers to migrate their solutions onto Redflag Linux platform.

—2000.03 Announcement of Redflag Linux Server version 1.1.2



—1999.10.20 Commercial availability of Redflag Linux Server version 1.0.

—1999.08.10 Birth of Redflag Linux.


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