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RedFlag IVI Services Leading IVI Growth

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Beijing, April 12, 2011 -- RedFlag Software Co. Ltd demonstrates the most updated RedFlag IVI solution at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2011 Beijing. There are 3 highlights attracting a lot of attention: wise combination of comprehensive features and personal customization; rich Telematics services; effective strategic collaboration driving. This kind of innovative development of RedFlag is playing a more and more important role in the whole Chinese auto industry development.

RedFlag new IVI solution meets the most advanced requirements with the uncomparisive advantages in both customers’ realistic usage and convenience. It not only brings the cool user interface and user experience but also integrates rich Telematics services with powerful 3G networking capability, which include “one-key” GPS, realtime traffic status, electronic book-reading, weather forecast and other online agency services. In addition, it adopts gesture operation framework for some key applications,  a driver doesn’t have to touch on the very exact point but can get the service he desires. This is treated as an innovation signal of the interaction between drivers and cars in auto industry. 

As a leading Asian Linux operating distributor, RedFlag is always contributing on the research of open source technologies, providing the most professional, stable, secure and ease-of-use products. Since RedFlag IVI solution was released in 2009, it has obtained the industry’s wide adoption and recognition. As of today, RedFlag is working as an IVI solution provider with Hawtai on their B11 model and Geely on their EC8 series and in addition, they already got several other models’ pre-install orders. The Intel® Atom™ processor and MeeGo are key technologies in this solution, helping RedFlag deliver a powerful, flexible platform on which automotive developers can quickly incorporate applications and create a more connected and smarter in-vehicle environment.

We should say RedFlag is really a pioneer in Chinese IVI market, they invested to develop the IVI solution from 2007. Till today, through these years’ continuous efforts, they have build up a complete eco system around the IVI, connecting car components providers, system software vendors, 3rd party ISVs, car makers, car dealers and even TSP operators. Early this year, RedFlag co-announced “IVI partners grow-together” program with BlueStar technology, Sides Auto£¬Century Cooperation, CareLand£¬ Huawei, Intel, McObject, SinoVoice£¬Unicom, and ZTE, etc. The goal is to share the business opportunities with partners and explore more possibilities and more value-added to better serve the customers.

Embracing “computing everywhere” era, car is absolutely one necessary part of the mobile world. It is no longer a traffic supporter, but a connection center of our work place and daily life. With this trend, IVI technology is undoubtly the most crucial part. Collaboration of every party of the eco system is the key for an eventual win-win-win success. RedFlag would like to act as a leader and explorer, share the rich experiences accumulated in these years in embedded and IVI markets to all partners and customers, contribute for the bright future and growth of Chinese auto industry.

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