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Chinas Red Flag Linux desktop OS sees wide application


Now widely used in the China Post cash register system (part of its broader chain distribution information system) , Red Flag Linux desktop operating system guarantees smooth and efficient operation. Its success also heralds wider application of domestically developed operating systems.
The chain distribution information system of China Post was created at the call of the State Council, China’s cabinet, to better serve“farmers, agriculture and the rural areas.” On the back of the vast network, wide user base and sound reputation of China Post, the system has been used across the country. It effectively manages information on upstream manufacturers, downstream consumers and agricultural products in post offices at all levels. As an important part of the chain distribution information system, the Red Flag Linux desktop OS went online in 2014 and the number of installation has reached tens of thousands within several months.
The popularity of Red Flag Linux OS proves that it is safe and easy to use. It offers hopes for domestic systems to compete with their international counterparts and win back the lost ground. This marks a departure from the past when a wide application of domestically developed operating systems was almost impossible in the absence of handsome government purchase or OEM production.
Domestically developed softwares, desktop OS in particular, are experiencing unprecedented opportunities, said Ni Guangnan, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
“Its wide application in China Post has given an impetus for the development of domestic operating systems. Red Flag Linux domestic OS eyes wider application and bigger market inroads in the future through a better understanding of the diversified needs of its customers,” Ni said.
Red Flag Software has long been in a good cooperative relationship with China Post. Linux Server OS, another flagship product of Red Flag, has won positive feedback from China Post following wide application in many of its businesses such as Postal Savings Bank and Postal Express & Logistics. Since it was brought back on track, Red Flag Software has attached great importance to the recent collaboration with China Post. The chain distribution information system is a custom-made product for China Post following close discussions of its needs. Aside from regular functions seen in the previous version,the China Post version adds new features such as automatic identification of the inner and outer network, automatic system update, administrator’s remote login via text & figure and system recovery. To further enhance the operating experience for China Post, Red Flag Software has also added drivers for push-type printer, small ticket printer,scanning gun and programmable keyboard.
Out of security considerations, the Chinese government has stepped up support for domestic systems to seek alternatives to replace the foreign ones. With over 100 million downloads, Red Flag Linux desktop OS has long been the top player in China.Its OEM contractors include global giants such as Dell,HP and Sony. The recent collaboration between Red Flag Linux and China Post shows that domestic players can win the market. Ni hopes that domestic desktop operating systems could replace Windows system in two years.Within three to five years, domestic systems will branch out into mobile ends to further tap market potential.
As the first profitable domestic operating system developer, Red Flag Software has always emphasized innovation and customers’ needs. Red Flag Linux OS has become the top choice for Chinese administrative departments thanks to its commitment to exploring new application areas and practical solutions over the years. It has spearheaded the development of domestic operating systems and shattered the dreams of foreign companies to monopolize the Chinese market. Its success with many domestic enterprises has helped nurture the home market. In 2015, Red Flag Software will press ahead with firm steps to win a bigger market and set an example for domestic Linux developers.
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