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Red Flag Linux partners with Qihoo 360 to improve China's information security


Red Flag Software has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qihoo 360, a leading Chinese anti-virus software developer, a move that signals joint efforts to promote domestically developed operating systems and improve China's information security.
The cooperation came after successful compatibility tests that see smooth running of "360 Security Guard" products in Red Flag OS.
"Following the incidents such as the disclosure of the PRISM surveillance program and Microsoft halting XP updates, the issue of information security has attracted unprecedented attention of the government,enterprises and ordinary users," said Ni Guangnan, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
"Domestic OS developers are facing unprecedented opportunities as people now realize a blind reliance on foreign information products courts trouble and constrains our own development. However, with great opportunities also come great responsibilities for domestic enterprises." Ni added.
As a competitive OS developer in China, Red Flag Software has always emphasized the importance of the security issue of domestically developed operating systems. 
The partnership with Qihoo 360 shows the commitment of the Red Flag Software to improve information security and its determination to optimize the production chain of the domestic operating systems. We are convinced that the creation of a complete, intact and safe Linux production chain will ensure the users' information security.
By combining the Qihoo 360's expertise in areas such as Trojan horse screening, net shield and rubbish cleaning and our own safety monitoring and protection systems, the users can be reassured of the security of their information. Moreover, we have achieved perfect compatibility that guarantees smooth and efficient operation.
"The disclosure of the PRISM surveillance program has sounded the alarm bell for us as information security and sovereignty has become an urgent issue. Domestic information enterprises, including Red Flag Software, shoulder the unshirkable responsibilities to improve domestic offerings," said Bei Nan, CEO of Red Flag Software.
As the most downloaded domestically developed Linux product, Red Flag Linux desktop OS is easy to use and has won wide recognition from its users. Its OEM contractors include global giants such as Dell, HP and Sony. It has also entered cooperation with many strong domestic market players.
"The cooperation with Qihoo 360 shows our determination to continuously optimize the production chain of domestic operating systems. We will continue with the effort to develop more operating systems that are safer and with higher compatibility." Bei added.
360 Security Guard (special edition) runs smoothly in redflag inWise 8 system1
360 Security Guard (special edition) runs smoothly in redflag inWise 8 system2
360 Security Guard (special edition) runs smoothly in redflag inWise 8 system3
360 Security Guard (special edition) runs smoothly in redflag inWise 8 system4


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