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                                                                    ---------------About Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0


With the rapid development of computer technology, we are confronted with both informationization challenge and demands for creating greater value.

Getting rid of the traditional idea of pure platform, the Operating system (OS) will focus on users’ concerns and demands so as to integrate the entire social environment and provide perfect and effective digital information solution for users who are troubled by complicated applications.

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 furnishes us with undisputed excellent conditions to create greater value. It boasts all qualities of Linux Standard Base.

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 has seen its system core layer up to its function modules greatly optimized and improved, substantially improving system performance. Be it work, entertainment or rest, the system responds more quickly and efficiently, not only saving time but also increasing efficiency unprecedentedly.

In addition to rapid system response and good performance, the installation and deployment can save you lots of time too, regardless of CD-ROM, hard disk or network, providing you with all conveniences and making system network deployment no more trouble for you.

Stability and reliability have long been the strength of Linux system, and Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 develops the advantage even further, not only meeting your work efficiency needs but addressing related links even better than you have ever expected:

1,  The first to realize X86 platform’s support for Intel EFI in Linux;
2,  The first to realize the support for web page’s embedded multimedia plug-ins in Linux, realizes standard JavaScript interfaces for Windows Media player and RealPlayer, and support for ASF/WMV Marker in accordance with Windows ASF format, and guarantees support for Windows-based web pages that play online multimedia;
3,  The first to realize optimized scheduling of foreground windows in Linux, ensuring maximum rational resources for foreground windows through Kernel-level resource dispatch and automatic foreground windows tracking tools;
4,  The first to realize the support for multi-thread downloading tools using MMS/RTSP/HTTP/FTP protocols in Linux;
5,  The first to realize user-friendly Kernel-level real time detecting firewall in Linux;    The first to realize theme support for KDE log-in window, log-out window, main panel in Linux;
6,  The first to realize scalable system tray in Linux, and source code has entered KDE project;
7,  The first to realize lunar calendar support and search in Linux;
8,  The first to realize the unified open and close dialogue boxes of GTK2 Qt in Linux.

Information transmission anytime, anywhere

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 enables you to do everything including sending and receiving emails, uploading or downloading network materials, sharing files with coworkers, holding video conferences with partners, communicating with friends through network, providing you with seamless support and freeing you from the trouble of searching tools. Everything is ready, all you need to do is enjoying.

Network concept can be seen in all Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 products, the transmission of digital information is the most important quality of Red Flag

1,  The powerful Kontact software is capable of personal information management functions such as email, agenda management, address book, properly handling everyday information for you.
2,  The world-famous Firefox browser helps expand your horizon.
3,  Network video conference is becoming the trend of our future working mode. GnomeMeeting is the best choice for video conference and is the most efficient communication tool in digital information age.
4,  QQ and MSN are also available in Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0, start your own account and enjoy communicating with your relatives and friends.

With the development of Intel’s wireless technology, the laptop computer will become your closer friend and enable you to send important information to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0’s wireless network configuration tools are likely to be the most convenient wireless network configuration tools you have ever used, instantly connecting wireless devices into the network.

Efficient, complete device compatibility

Aren’t you excited about the ongoing upgrading of computer hardware, for instance, LCD, wireless network card, Bluetooth devices, digital camera, PC-CAM, printer and scanner? Do you feel worried that your old OS is going from bad to worse in terms of compatibility with the latest and coolest hardware devices?

The RFCC certification system set up by Red Flag fundamentally has advanced the hardware and software compatibility of Linux OS. Some famous PC-related vendors such as Intel, HP, Canon and Epson have already joined RFCC certification system.

As world-leading Linux developer, Red Flag has established long-term close partnership with the world’s hardware vendors. The cooperation with Intel makes sure that the Red Flag software is well compatible with mainstream PC hardware devices and Intel’s next generation wireless and chip technologies.

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 has creatively provided corresponding configuration/management tools for the rapidly-developing Bluetooth communication technology, making it easy to connect Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with laptop computer so as to switch pictures, MP3 files or even data information.

Easy-to-learn and -use software

Do you often need to spend extra money on application software or tools? You may need a suite of Office software for work; or downloading multimedia software from the network to play video and audio files of various formats; or at least you need a complete network tool for the OS to download software, use QQ to chat with friends and even conduct video communication with relatives studying abroad. It will be money and time consuming to collect so many software and tools on your own..

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 solves all these problems for you.

1,   Images and pictures: picture browsing, picture capture, image scanning, drawing board and Adobe Acrobat Reader are all available by default, and GIMP that rivals traditional Photoshop will be a greater surprise.
2,   Multimedia: in addition to CD, MP3, VCD, DVD files, Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 supports gg/mp4/wav/real, mms/rtsp, multimedia browser plug-ins, and online streaming media play, satisfying your audio and video demands easily. Users can also burn AV files into optical disks by K3B burning software anytime.
3,   Network: apart from dialing tools and Firefox, users can also have the most efficient BT and the most stable and reliable Cuckoo downloading software, and QQ and MSN. For network management personnel of IT enterprises, we have provided them with remote desktop and server connection tools, making LAN management much easier.
4,   Games: classical games such as Tetris, Chinese chess, Cards, Mines and Snake will keep you company at your leisure and “Lian Lian Kan” will make your leisure time more interesting.

There is more software to be found in Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 such as software compression, data backup, computer, English-Chinese dictionary, Open Office suite. We are striving to meet everyone’s needs, even more than expected.

Easy-to-use management tools

Did you need to open many windows or files or process many things at the same time? The system becomes slower and slower when there are too many windows and files and you forget which is the last window or file you have just used. It is clear that mere one “desktop” is far from enough.

With Linux virtual desktop technology, Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 can provide user with multiple “desktop” at the same time, which enables user to arrange works reasonably and handle different windows or files on different desktops. Use mouse or keyboard to quickly switch to the desktop environment you need. Users can personalize their desktop environments, which are independent from each other, by using different wallpapers and desktop icons, etc.

The “control panel” specially provided by Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 uses 4 tabs to classify different desktop management tools, from mouse, keyboard and hardware management setting to system performance optimization and personalization. Build your own private desktop right now!

The improved file searching can help users find the data and files that are needed in the system; you can also use Resource Manager to log onto nearby computers to find the files you need.

Red Flag’s unique rapid and efficient printer configuration tool needs no extra drivers to start the printers in your office or at your home, surprising you by its high efficiency.

The user-friendly one-stop online upgrading management tools, ID registration, software updates and management can improve system performance real time and personalize desktop environment, giving users platforms that suit their needs.

Red Flag also have tools or plans to migrate data/files from Windows to Linux with regard to system migration, which enable users to continue using historical work documents and important files while using a new Linux desktop platform.

Reliable security

Viruses are the biggest threat to desktop OS.

Like information resources on the Internet, viruses on the Internet are very difficult to handle.

Users can rest assured that Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 is safe. Linux’s modularized system architecture and open code maintenance eliminate all virus attacks.

With latest Red Flag desktop firewall and remote desktop connection tools to prevent virus or hacker attacks effectively and manage other computers in the network easily, a secure and efficient desktop environment in real sense takes form.

Integrating key achievements from National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) of  Ministry of Science and Technology with the usability of Red Flag Linux server, Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 gives you a high-end personal desktop system.

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 is a new international Linux OS which will give you an exciting feeling.

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