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Midinux SDK

Different between tradition PC, the user interface of MID will be more fancy, more easy. Midinux SDK provide a shortcut to develop nice MID application. It includes full graphis libraries, enhanced GTK widget, 3D API, theme management, performance browser engine and media framework.

The core value of MID is Mobile Internet. Midinux SDK support Adobe Air runtime, then, more developers can develop MID application by their web app-deleloping experience. The AIR applications can be cross-platform and integrated with internet. And, Midinux SDK following POSIX, i18n standard, compatible with most Linux applications.

So you can use C/C++, Python, Java and other languages that you know, with develop tools like Eclipse. The most important, Midinux SDK can support almost all puporlar Linux OS, such as RedFlag Linux Desktop/Workstation, Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu... SDK provide a "Virtu-Runtime" same as real MID system, you can develop code, debug, even run it on your PC, to get same result, then copy to MID, everything OK.


Size: 892MB

MD5SUM: 1c58bc1775429fde41e19d2cfe6ed013

Install Guide PDF file

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